Cici Life Farm Sactuary

Where All Life Is Sacred

Who are we and What do we do

We are part of a movement towards a sustainable, cruelty-free and healthy new paradigm happening all over the globe. Cici.Life is a non-profit Canadian organization focused on rescuing animals, education and advocacy, along with providing inspiration for a happy, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle. There is a huge shift happening right now based on the core principles that make us human – love, compassion and empathy. That is our mission for ALL.

We Are One, One For All


The universal right of every being


for ourselves, our fellow earthlings, our planet


The pillar of our humanity

The Cici Life Team

Patricia is a devoted and passionate animal lover. With a vision for a future where we all live in harmony, she is the heart and soul of this organization. Patricia

Conductor of Compassion, Cici.Life

Pro WordPress Developer and farmer at heart, Ernest does it all. From building and designing the website, crafting new recipes in the kitchen to building shelters for the farm animals. Ernest

The Go-Getter, Cici.Life

Sofia loves nature and believes in happiness and love for everyone. She loves reading and hopes to study wild animals when she grows up. Sofia

Co-ordinator of Happiness, Cici.Life

Phoenix is a born inventor and leader determined to change the world by ending factory farming with his many inventions. Phoenix

Animal Rescuer Extraordinaire, Cici.Life

Bodhi has only been around for a couple of months but he’s already secured his position as smile maker and avid dog petter. Bodhi

CEO of Cuteness, Cici.Life

The first rescues of our family, Jaggy and Kiki have secured their place as the VIPs of the household when it comes to cuddles and petting galore. Jaggy & Kiki

Affection Seekers, Cici.Life