Our dream has been to build a home where we can live in harmony with the earth and all of it’s creatures. Our mountain home and acreage is just that – a safe haven for all animals, to live and be loved for the rest of their days on earth. These are some of their stories.

Terry Cox

Terry was hatched in an incubator along with his siblings to be kept as backyard egg layers. His brothers were killed right away because they didn’t want roosters. Luckily, Terry developed very slowly so they belived he was a hen and kept him. Eventually they realized he was a rooster and gave him to the neighbours for a few months until they decided what to do with him.

We were told they would terminate him if we didn’t take him and that he hurt his leg really badly as a chick and cannot walk properly and only hops/drags himself around. As far as we can tell it is very badly deformed. Even though he didn’t come from a factory farm, this is the reality of the egg industry.

Roosters are killed the day they are born because they do not produce eggs. Thousands of newly hatched baby boy chicks are suffocated and ground up alive for eggs… every single day. This boy however will have a long and beautiful life with us, like every creature should.

Patricia the mom with her twins Pender & Island

Patricia is a rescued dairy goat who has lost many of her previous babies. We rescued her two twin boys, Pender & Island, who were destined to be slaughtered for meat, but are now living happily with their mom at our sanctuary.

Acorn & Walnut

Acorn and Walnut are two sisters who were rescued from a very neglectful situation. The owners were constantly gone and they went days without proper food, water and clean shelter. A young man brought them to us and they have been loving their new life at the sanctuary.

The Crew

These 4 young lambs were rescued a day before they were being sent for slaughter.

Our Latest Additions

Welcome to the family Flash, Earthy and Cluck Norris!

Spotty and Oceania were our first farm rescues.

From the dog shelter in Poland, Jaggy and Kiki have been with us across the continent and all over Canada!