Help Jimmy and Julian

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Jimmy ( Tough and Sweet)

Sorry, for the heart breaking image, but it needs to be seen!


Jimmy is in a lot of pain. He has rehab 3 times a day and has an open wound slightly bigger than a twoonie that he has been struggling to walk on.


He is tough! He still, so far has had daily 2-5 minute spurts where he starts “frolicking” around before he lays back down. He does very well during his loving rehab time.

Jimmy needs clean bedding twice a day, milk, bandages, splints as he grows, a teddy bear, wound care supplies, and loving rehab.


The face of an angel!

Even though Julian is physically healthy, we can all see that there is more than meets the eye. He walks around most of the morning calling for his mom and then just lays around with his head down most of the day. For us it’s even more heartbreaking than Jimmy’s physical suffering.


He has had some diarrhea. We are repleneshing him with a specially formulated electrolyte solution as needed. We try our best to touch and cuddle whenever he lets us. Especially around his bottle feeding he will return the cuddles. This really gives us hope that he will learn to love and trust us.

Where we are at!


“Jimmy’s front leg is doing much better with the custom splint. The back leg wound is cleaner but it doesn’t seem to want to stretch out and it looks like it is more painful for him now.”