Join Our Family

Hey, friend! Being part of our Sanctuary family is more than just a donation.


The donations are a means to save, feed, shelter, and love animals in need.  


The more guaranteed monthly funds we have the more animals we can save and the more time we can dedicate to educating the public. 

For a $10 monthly sponsorship, you will receive a personal yearly visit with the animal family, subscription to our monthly newsletter and our personalized farm sanctuary bumper sticker.

The same perks as previous level plus a large fridge magnet with a picture of your choice of one of our farm animals.

The same perks as previous levels plus a sanctuary t-shirt personally customized for you!

You will receive 2 personal visits and a special plant-based lunch with the farm animals, subscription to our monthly newsletter, a personalized mug and personalized birthday and Christmas cards from your farm family.

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Holiday Special Sale

Become a Vendor

Holiday Special Sale

Where does your sponsor donation go?

First! Where doesn't it go?
We are fully volunteer based! Including our own time. We do not pay ourselves or any volunteers. 100% of your donation goes straight to where its needs to go…
Food And Shelter

Each animal needs food and they average between $5-$60 per month depending on species. They also need shelter but we are raising money for that separately. The shelters will need small repairs and comforts like clean bedding, pest control (always cruelty-free), electricity for a fan in the summer and light heating especially on cold days in the winter.

Veterinary Care
When an animal is sick we need to get them back to health. If we get animals that come in sick then we need to nurse them back. A portion of the donation will be collected into a Veterinary fund for these surprise occurrences.

After the welfare of the animals, the second most important job is to educate the public so that places like our sanctuary do not have to exist. We love animals but running a sanctuary fills a need that we wish did not exist. It takes decades to educate and promote animal welfare and great strides have already been accomplished with many more to come!

Rescue and Transport

The closest BC SPCA that houses farm animals is in Surrey. If we do not have a volunteer driver, some one needs to be hired. If the rescue is closer to home then we would cover the costs ourselves. In the rare occasion, we will flat out purchase the animal to get them out!