Visiting the Sanctuary

  • Visits can be arranged with at least a one week notice on either Thursdays from 4-6 or Saturdays between 2-3.

  • Please remember this is a farm sanctuary where we are providing a safe haven for all creatures – it is not a petting zoo. The animals can choose if they want to interact with you and come or go as they please. We can offer tips on how to behave around them and many are very friendly and will come right up to you for scratches and rubs. But respect for the animals, and each other, is the number one priority and consideration.

  • Lastly, visits are free however a donation is greatly appreciated. This can be monetary or in the form of supplies (veggies for the animals, bedding, hay, etc). We are a non profitĀ  sanctuary and community support is what keeps us running and able to care for the animals, save more of them and focus on education for animal welfare issues.

Please contact us to book a visit and include the date and time (from the available dates above) you would like to come on, the number of people in your party and anything we need to be aware of.

Schedule Your Visit