Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for volunteers to help out on a weekly basis. A commitment to one day per week for at least a month is necessary to keep things flowing and ensure everyone knows what they are doing, the animals can get comfortable around you and we know who is coming and what they are in charge of. Some of the jobs currently available are listed below.

Barn Cleanup

Takes between half hour to one hour and needs to be done at least twice a week.

Separation Fencing

Hammering nails to stabilize the separation/grazing fence.

Chicken Coup Cleanup

Cleaning up and organizing the chicken coup.

Electrical Fencing Set-Up

Setting up the electrical fencing along the perimeter of property to keep bears out.

Barn Build

Tons of tasks for the new barn build!

Miscellaneous Tasks

Random and age appropriate tasks can be given upon request.

Volunteer days are Thursdays from 4-6:30 PM and Saturdays from 2-5:00 PM. Please ensure that you can commit to one day a week for at least a month before submitting your application below. Also, note that Saturdays we will provide a nutritious plant based meal for all of our volunteers. Please state in the comments/message part of the volunteer application form if you have any dietary allergies or conditions.

Please fill out the form below to become a volunteer.